Just Ask The Wizard! is your Quick & Easy Stock Market Tool.

  • What Is

    Welcome to, your online stock resource! The Wizard takes the guessing out of which stocks are on the move. Our uniquely developed software provides you with valuable stock market information. Forget about searching for free stock tips from the pumpers and dumpers. The Wizard is a highly researched program that provides you with hourly updates of any stock that is experiencing heavy trading outside their norm. The Wizard is your online resource to the most valuable stock information on the web. Add it to your set of tools today and Just Ask the Wizard!®

    Don’t think The Wizard can help you? Check out The Wizard today to see the hottest moving stocks from yesterday.

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  • What Do You Get?

    The Wizard software shows what stocks are experiencing heavy volume, outside their norm, or trading outside their normal price range. View the history, performance details, 30-day average volume, market cap, shares outstanding, or any other information on a specific stock.

    Now you can utilize the most informative stock market information available. The Wizard displays over 100 different stocks that are making a move or experiencing hot trading. As a member, The Wizard will print a list, show which stocks are rising, falling, and experiencing unusually heavy trading. Also gain acess to display stock history, insider trading information, dividends, splits, monthly returns, and much more.

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  • Who Has Benefited?

    Ralph S

    I have been looking for a site that is easy to use and not a cluttered with junk, your site is it, after 2 days of using the Wizard I bought GLNG at $20.20 and I still have it after a 61% profit and it’s still rising. !! Thank You For the Wizard, I’m impressed!.

    Sharon A

    Spotted VCI on the Wizard 4-19-11 before noon- put it on my watch list until 4-27 bought at $25.83 got stopped out the next day at $30.25, not bad 17% in 1 day

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